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T'Poll: JJ Trek
You you like the J.J. Abrams-era vision of the STAR TREK universe?



Yes, it's a great re-imagining and I have no complaints! 24.44 % (974 votes)
No, it doesn't remain true to the spirit of the franchise. 28.05 % (1118 votes)
Yes, it's a different take but no less valid than any other incarnation. 24.23 % (966 votes)
No, the scripts are more action than sci-fi. 14.2 % (566 votes)
Love/Hate 9.08 % (362 votes)
3986 total votes

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Delve into TrekWeb's past! On this day, November 24, in TrekWeb history...

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Star Trek XII to be Relesed on May 17th 2013 in 3D
Scott Bakula Says He is Not Involved in the Quantum Leap Movie7
Cover and Info for Star Trek Infestation Issue 1 and 2 Crossover Comics4
Harlan Ellison Wants to Work with J.J. Abrams in Star Trek XII20
Cover and Info for Star Trek Movie Adaptation Comic Book3
Scott Bakula on Why He Played the Role of Captain Archer in Enterprise17
Leonard Nimoy Talks About Star Trek XII and (Not) Watching New Movie with Shatner4
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Star Trek Movie Coming to IMAX Next Summer5
Comics Review : Star Trek Alien Spotlight Andorians6
Leonard Nimoy Told Zachary Quinto He Has No Idea What is in Store for Him6
New Star Trek Movie will be Filming at Vasquez Rocks Location - Minor Spoilers10
Patrick Stewart on Narrating Earth Movie1
Harve Bennett on Parallels With His Starfleet Academy Script and Star Trek XI13
"Affliction" Aims to Remedy One of TREK's Longest Mysteries, Plus First Look at Rigelians (SPOILERS)46
Production Report for Second in Romulan Arc: Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Tellarites "United"12
Brent Spiner Spells Out His Current Involvement in 'Star Trek X'0
'Flesh and Blood' : New Photos and Second UPN Poster0
Wil Wheaton Chat Transcript0
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