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T'Poll: JJ Trek
You you like the J.J. Abrams-era vision of the STAR TREK universe?



Yes, it's a great re-imagining and I have no complaints! 24.58 % (957 votes)
No, it doesn't remain true to the spirit of the franchise. 27.79 % (1082 votes)
Yes, it's a different take but no less valid than any other incarnation. 24.37 % (949 votes)
No, the scripts are more action than sci-fi. 14.2 % (553 votes)
Love/Hate 9.07 % (353 votes)
3894 total votes

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Delve into TrekWeb's past! On this day, October 25, in TrekWeb history...

J.J. Abrams to Co-Write the Script of Star Wars Episode VII
Benedict Cumberbatch Mentions Star Trek Into Darkness in Latest Issue of Total Film Magazine0
Exclusive : Latest Issue of Star Trek Magazine Features Coverage of Star Trek Into Darkness5
J.J. Abrams Confirms to AICN that the Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Coming at the End of the Year6
James Marsters on Auditioning for the Role of Shinzon in Star Trek Nemesis, He Also Has an Idea for a New Star Trek TV Series
A Nightmare on Elm Street Star Heather Langenkamp Cast in Star Trek Into Darkness2
Zachary Quinto and Anton Yelchin on the Return of J.J. Abrams as the Director of Star Trek XII and How They Prepare for Their Parts
Damon Lindelof Says He is Excited to See Star Trek XII Come to Life, Says that Working with J.J. Abrams Again is So Great
Insurrection Actress Donna Murphy to be Interviewed at NYPL for the Performing Arts Event on November 7, Admission is Free
Rumor Mill : Known Original Series Villain, Not Khan, Can be the Villain of Star TreK XII25
Exclusive : Author Geoffrey Thorne on Writing Star Trek Titan Novel, Non-Trek Fiction, Cartoons and Comic Books6
New German Cover for Star Trek New Frontier Novel, Plus More New Frontier Character Images 2
New York Times Gives Possible Female Character Spoiler for Star Trek XII
Watch the New Star Trek Movie on a 4GB USB Stick10
Director Kevin Smith Praises Reboot Concept, Compares Movie to The Wrath of Khan12
Star Trek Conquest New Screenshots and TV Spot 7
Ronald D. Moore to Direct Battlestar Galactica Episode2
LeVar Burton Talks Geordi LaForge Role and The Next Generation9
Ronald D. Moore on Galactica Development, 9/11 and War in Iraq 2
John Billingsley Says Temporal Cold War Ended Abruptly, Not Optimistic About Fifth Season 11
Brent Spiner Talks Working on ENTERPRISE, Says This Will Be The Show's Year4
Mike Sussman, Dan Curry and Vaughn Armstrong on ENT Past and Future (SPOILERS)32
Canadian TV Guide Criticizes ENTERPRISE, with Comments from STARGATE Stars15
'Kirk' Retuns in CAPTAIN'S BLOOD, Cover and Info Available for Latest Shatner Novel7
Mulgrew Hopes for VOYAGER Movie, Declines ENTERPRISE Cameo20
Patrick Stewart Reveals X-MEN 2 Spoilers0
Trip Must Survive "Dawn" in Buddy Episode: First Plot Details (SPOILERS)7
Anthony Montgomery Talks About The Importance of 'Star Trek'0
UPN and "Terra Nova" Climb Back to #4 Spot in Overnight Ratings0
Film Score Monthly Reviews 'STTMP: Director's Edition' Positively0
"Inside Man" Episode Spoilers0
Marina Sirtis Convention Report and Jeri Ryan on 'Dracula 2000' Re-Shots0
Ken Biller Elaborates On Multi-Year Deal0
New Series' Visual Effects Supervisor Speaks0
Ken Biller Signs Big Pact With Paramount0
Christie's Auctioning Star Trek Artifacts 0
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