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T'Poll: JJ Trek
You you like the J.J. Abrams-era vision of the STAR TREK universe?



Yes, it's a great re-imagining and I have no complaints! 25.08 % (801 votes)
No, it doesn't remain true to the spirit of the franchise. 26.61 % (850 votes)
Yes, it's a different take but no less valid than any other incarnation. 24.95 % (797 votes)
No, the scripts are more action than sci-fi. 13.84 % (442 votes)
Love/Hate 9.52 % (304 votes)
3194 total votes

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Delve into TrekWeb's past! On this day, April 21, in TrekWeb history...

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First Photo of Tom Hardy on The Dark Knight Rises Set ?9
Tyler Perry Wants to Return as Admiral Barnett in Star Trek XII
Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise Actors to Celebrate Los Angeles Audubon 100th Birthday1
Leonard Nimoy on His Upcoming Visit to Town of Vulcan and Why Star Trek is Helpful6
Cover and Info for Issue 5 of Star Trek Movie Adaptation Comic Book 0
Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto on Shatner and Nimoy, Non-Fans Reaction to Movie0
6-Page Star Trek Movie Tie-In Spock Comic Book from Wired Magazine Online7
Blu-Ray Review : Star Trek The Original Series Season 110
J.J. Abrams Says it is Premature to Assume That There Will be a Star Trek XII22
Videos from Star Trek Movie London Premiere and Press Conference Online0
First Artwork from John Byrne's Star Trek Crew Issue 5 Comic Book 3
J.J. Abrams Says New Movie is For People who Love Movies, Not Only Trek Movies29
Celebrating 20 Years of The Next Generation with a Look Into the Genesis of Captain Picard 4
J.J. Abrams to Produce & Direct Star Trek XI - Update: George Takei Reacts170
Trek United Comes Undone20
Paramount's ST:TNG 'Picard' DVD Set Warps Home Fav Episodes, Space Doc This August14
Writer Sussman Defends Borg "Regeneration" Against Early Criticism (SPOILERS)36
Patrick Stewart Reiterates: 'Picard' and NEXT GEN Unlikely to Return45
News Nexus E-Mail Newsletter Issue 1.8 Goes Out, New ST4 Winners0
Connor Trinner Not Tripped Up Over Ratings, Happy to Hone Skills6
Ira Steven Behr on Why a DS9 Movie May Make Paramount 'Uncomfortable'0
First Details and Review of Pilot Episode Script0
Shatner to Be In Annual Charity Horse Show 0
'Entertainment Weekly' Features 'The X-Men' Movie0
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